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Welcome to the KIYI RESTAURANTMost popular fish restaurant in North Cyprus


"KIYI RESTAURANT belongs to the Exotic Hotel and is located right on the seafront. During the day, enjoy a quiet lunch, a fresh breeze from the sea, and a magnificent view of the Mediterranean! In the evenings, the white moonlight shines on the dark water surface and creates a dreamy atmosphere throughout the dining experience.

Our restaurant specializes in local seafood and meat dishes. You can be enjoyed on our live music at weekends with salty ocean air. We'll see you soon!"

 huseyin mirillo

Hüseyin Mirillo, Owner

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Good food well cooked
Non fish menu limited, but what can you expect in a fish restaurant. The fish and chips lacked mushy peas. Superb, really helpful staff...


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What we were looking for - traditional delicious fish dishes
By circumstances we passed coming from the mountains this occupied restaurant and decide to stay and ask for a table. The very friendly stuff immediately cleaned up one direct at the sea terrace. The amassing Menu offers quite a huge variety. Always recommend...

Aindling, Germany

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Fantastic restautant with AMAZING sea View . I had enjoy the gril fish, prawn, the food was incridible fresh and served by warm staff. The restaurant ambience so peaceful, i can enjoy the clear sea view and fell relax while having my nice food....


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38 Happy Wanderers
We ate dinner 4 evenings in a row at the Kiyi Restaurant. Although they served a fresh salad & vegetable casserole every evening it was fresh & piping hot also very tasty. Large variety to choose from for main meals, portions served were large. Staff......
anne m

Anne M

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Kiyi Restaurant
Boğaz, İskele - N.CYPRUS
Phone: +90 (392) 371 28 81
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: /exokiyi

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